Thursday, March 07, 2013

Cruising the Web

How strange that it is a Republican senator protesting the possibility of executive action to execute-by-drone suspected terrorists on American soil and Democrats who are basically upholding the idea of a president having such power. Paul was filibustering the approval of Brennan to head the CIA. And furthering the irony of the moment, the last time a senator used a speaking filibuster to block action on the floor of the Senate was Harry Reid in 2003 to block some of President Bush's judicial nominees. Of course, Reid didn't have material pertinent to the cause of his filibuster as Senator Paul has. Perhaps he didn't want people to know what he was doing. No, Senator Reid filled his time on the floor by reading from his book about his hometown of Searchlight, Nevada. Scintillating, I'm sure. Even Jon Stewart is admiring of using the filibuster the way it should be used.

As Detroit goes, so may many other cities and towns across the nation.

Instead of cutting down on tours for kids to see the White House, how about cutting out one or two of the three White House calligraphers who combine to earn well over a quarter of a million dollars.

Yes, we're learning to live with sequestration. And it's not so bad.

Daniel Henninger marvels at the administration position in the case concerning the Voting Rights Act. They admit that they don't know if the southern states are today more racist than northern states, but think we should still treat those states differently under federal law just in case there is some lingering vestiges of government-sponsored discrimination. Do we really want to delay moving on from 1965 just on the thought that there hasn't been enough change.
That times change and society can adapt to those changes for the better is an admired habit of the United States. But in the matter at the center of Section 5 of the Voting Rights act—racism—some segments of American liberalism won't let it go. In this liberal reading, there can be no forgiveness. Only the possibility of legal retribution. Forever.

Is the IRS up to handling Obamacare?

Yet another law that President Obama is evading. But what is the big deal? His party has been doing the same for years.

Yesterday was the 60-year anniversary of Josef Stalin's death. Amazingly, 49% of Russians believe that he played a positive role in Russian history. That's really scary and tells us a lot about the acceptance of Putin's power grabs. Here's a funny line from the story in the Moscow Times.
But experts agreed that Stalin's most important legacy is the debate he inspires between supporters, who tend to see him as a strong, incorruptible leader, and detractors, who see him as bloody tyrant.
Really? This debate today is Stalin's most important legacy? Please.