Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Cruising the Web

Rich Lowry has an unbelievable story about the lowly beetle that is in the path of the proposed Keystone pipeline. There are detailed protocols on how to protect the habitat of this American burying beetle to make sure that it doesn't emerge from its self-burial too early and die. All this for an insect that many of us would trample on if it came near our homes or place of business. Now multiply all these regulations by all the other species that might be in the path of the pipeline. And Obama moans about how we no longer could build the Hoover Dam or the Golden Gate Bridge. It's the red tape that is burying us, not our dynamic spirit.

The Washington Times has the emails to show how the administration is instructing agency heads to not minimize the impact of the sequestration because that would contradict the dire predictions that the administration has been making. No wonder Obama rejected the opportunities that the Republicans have wanted to give him to have more flexibility to manage the mandated cuts. It would disrupt his narrative.

The Democrats love to trumpet their support for the Violence Against Women Act because, hey, with that title it's gotta be a great law, right? Then why is Senator Leahy seeking to minimize protections for sex-trafficking victims and promotes the decriminalization of prostitution of minors?

Oh, another lie from the administration on the effects of the sequestration. It's been one misstatement (or lie) after another.

Richard Epstein explains how the EEOC is seeking to mandate that employers hire minorities with criminal records, but not whites with similar records.

Joe Scarborough went on Charlie Rose and exposed the fatuity of Paul Krugman. Even Krugman seems to agree that he got his head handed to him.

Allahpundit comes up with ideas of how the administration could save money in order to keep the White House open for tours for schoolkids. And here's another idea - save money on transporting the President to the golf course. But that wouldn't provide as much public pain and that's what Obama is interested in. How about canceling the conference featuring wine tasting instead of cutting food inspections at the Department of Agriculture? Check out the hashtag of #SequesterThis at Twitter.

If you're wondering about how we can cut spending in education without harming the kids, ponder this statistic - only half of education jobs in schools today are teachers. The rest is staff.

Leftists who cheer Bradley Manning for turning over tens of thousands of US secrets to WikiLeaks should focus on the damage that he's done to US security efforts not their happiness that someone struck a blow to the US military.