Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Cruising the Web

The Washington Post reveals Obama's real goal - win back the House in 2014 and then go full bore liberal. Sounds like just what conservatives have been saying about Obama. So don't believe him when he talks about his desire to reach compromises with the GOP. He's all politics, all the time.

Though history shows it's just about impossible for Obama to get the Democrats to take back the House in his sixth year.

Of course, Obama has rejected the power to make the spending cuts wherever he wants rather than to cut those precious programs he's been warning will be cut. Thomas Sowell explains why the President would reject power - he doesn't want to take responsibility. He and his party have been evading budgetary responsibility for years and they don't want to start now.

Michael Boskin explains why spending cuts would help the economy.

The women who made allegations about Senator Menendez using prostitutes in the Dominican Republican are now claiming that they were paid off to make these allegations. This might get him out of the most scandalous part of the charges against him, but there still are a whole lot of uglier allegations about his connection with Salomon Melgen, a big donor who is being investigated for bribery and fraud. The newest allegation is that Menendez sponsored a bill to help Melgen. Those are the real allegations that could bring down the Senator. If those charges aren't also concocted.

Think about our politicians, particularly the commander-in-chief, passing a bill such as the sequestration, that they fully admit is really bad policy.

Christine Romer, Obama's former chairman of economic advisers took to the New York Times to oppose Obama's call for an increase in the minimum wage. Perhaps she could explain the principle to her former boss.

Apparently, schools are suspending kids for filming and posting Harlem Shake videos. If they didn't make the videos in school, I fail to see where administrators get the authority to suspend kids for their videos that they make on their own time and on their own computers. I've just been covering with my classes the evolution of Free Speech freedoms, including what the Supreme Court has said about those rights for students in school. Apparently, the schools are claiming that the videos are vulgar or obscene. I agree with the National Coalition Against Censorship that this is very disturbing and await the inevitable court cases.

And colleges are becoming the places where free speech goes to die. It's all very depressing.

Of course, when a school suspends a heroic student for disarming another student who was pointing a gun and threatening to kill a third student, we're in a land of craziness that just doesn't make any sense.