Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cruising the Web

Here's a lovely image: have our politicians wear NASCAR-style patches so we know who is sponsoring them.

Waiting in line to hear a big Supreme Court case has now become a business opportunity.

John Podhoretz argues that we aren't ever going to have an outright victor in our politically ideological wars and we should just get used to the idea that neither party will remain on top for all that long.

How expansion of the definition of disability is swelling Social Security rolls to the breaking point.

The immigration reform debate may well come down to whether or not newly-legalized immigrants who came here illegally will be eligible for all the federal benefits for welfare and health care despite the fact that they are supposed to be excluded under law from receiving benefits.

Dan Quayle is still right.

Teacher unions had another defeat as Indiana's Supreme Court just ruled unanimously in favor of the state's school voucher program.

Don't trust the research about how having same-sex parents affects children. The studies that have been done are not scientifically valid. We don't know one way or another about how having same-sex parents affects children because of methodological errors made by those studies that have examined the question.

How typical that the draft application for Obamacare that HHS has put together for people applying for health care to also be asked to register to vote.