Monday, March 25, 2013

Cruising the Web

For something different, check out these pictorial depictions of errors that college students have made on history essays.

Here are ten horror stories about Obamacare that you're not hearing much about from the MSM.

Come on, President Obama! Conflicts back in 1812 with Canadians do not compare to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Though I'm sure the Palestinians would like to burn Israel's capital.

And even if there were to be a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, don't expect that that would do anything for the myriad of other problems in the Middle East. That is the type of fantasy foreign policy that policymakers need to abandon.

Close to half of all births in the United States are to unmarried women. That's an incredibly sad statistic.

This is what happens when a politician grandstands and rushes to pass a bill to take advantage of the response to a horror story like the slaughter in Newtown: Governor Cuomo has had to postpone indefinitely the gun bill he pushed through because it mandates the use of a seven-round magazine that no gun manufacturer actually makes. This past Friday I sponsored an event in which 120 students spent all day debating bills that they had written as if we were the North Carolina legislature. The New York law sounds a lot like the kind of idea that my students come up with though I think they might have better research skills to figure out if they were mandating something that actually exists. The New York legislature - not so much.

And now France is discovering what happens when they enact a demagogic bill such as their 75% tax on the rich and they're having to follow the example of Andrew Cuomo and throw out Hollande's signature economic reform. Reality bites, doesn't it?

How Barack Obama is like Napoleon III.

Rich Lowry longs for a new Jack Kemp.

Egypt's President Morsi doesn't want Egyptians to react against his government the way that led to his coming to power. He's planning to use the clashes against him and the resulting violence as an excuse to crack down on his political opponents. So how is he any better than Mubarak?

Last week saw a couple of victories for academic freedom.