Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cruising the Web

Noemie Emery has a typically intelligent column ridiculing conservatives who criticize the Republican party for not nominating real conservatives. As she points out, there hasn't been a real conservative candidate with the capability of winning even the nomination. Until we see one with the political gifts of a Reagan than don't bemoan the fact that less-appealing moderates have won the nomination.

Now that the Senate is going to have a vote on an actual budget proposal, Senators are going to have to make some tough votes on proposed amendments. You know - they're going to have to do their actual job and take risks making unpopular choices.

And when the Senate Democratic budget was put up for a vote in the House, 35 House Democrats voted against it.

Andrew Cuomo continues policies to raise New York's unemployment rate.

President Obama's gift of a tree to be planted as a gesture for a peace had to be dug up as soon as the President ceremonially planted it. Apparently, whoever came up with the idea of a gift didn't realize that agricultural products from abroad can't be allowed into Israel without passing inspection. Well, I guess it's better than bringing an iPod loaded with Obama's speeches.

Sally Pipes explains how Obamacare is keeping employers from adding more employees.

The Washington Post is disappointed with its cheerleading for Obama and attacks on Republicans in the 2012 campaign.

Now that the Obama administration is expanding the missile defense system installations on the West Coast, will those like Joe Biden who ridiculed Reagan when he proposed SDI issue apologies or even acknowledge their mistaken judgement? What about Biden's assertions that we could solve potential problems with North Korea solely through diplomacy? Don't hold your breath.