Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cruising the Web

This is just wonderful! Now we just need an invention that picks up the toy that your baby drops over and over from the high chair to check out if gravity still works. (H/T Michael Munger who notes that this what happens when an engineer has a dog.)
Here is a story that I hadn't heard of how it was UN Peacekeeping forces who brought a devastating cholera epidemic to Haiti.

Andrew Klavan slams the New York Times' lazy attacks on Pope Francis.

For all the sturm und drang over Senator Feinstein's assault weapons ban, Harry Reid knows it doesn't have enough support to pass or even survive a filibuster so he's not going to bring it to the floor. Of course, the administration is still pretending that it's going forward. It gives them a talking point regardless of the lack of support from both parties in Congress. That's what it's always been about - talking points, not true action.

John Stossel looks at how the "education blob" wants to shut down any competition that shows them up by achieving great results with the same sorts of children that the blob has been failing for generations.

The end of print journalism just took another step closer.

Glenn Reynolds discusses the real marriage gap: the rates of marriage between the upper and lower classes.

The Homeland Security Department is "big, bloated, and bumbling." Add in dishonest and disorganized.

Add in how the director of ICE admits that he could have avoided releasing over 2000 illegal immigrant detainees, but just didn't bother to try to find another solution.

This is an idiosyncratic look at who the coolest alumnus is from each school in the NCAA tournament.

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mark said...

Not sure what Klavan is complaining about. The third paragraph of the Times story specifically connects Pope Francis to the sins of the church regarding the Dirty War. Yes, perhaps those priests were lying despite any apparent motive. Maybe not.

"Reading more deeply into the story — which I did so you don’t have to"
Klavan must not have too much respect for his readers. 'Don't worry yourself trying to learn what's true and what's not. I'll just tell you what to think.'

Nice that he knows God's will:
Listen, no one can blame the Times editors for holding a pre-emptive grudge against the God who will one day consign them to Malebolge, the eighth circle of hell where the liars go.

I wonder if he's taken The Daily Caller to task for it's smear campaign against Menendez.