Monday, March 18, 2013

Cruising the Web

You tell 'em! Robert Samuelson explains that we don't need a charm offensive from President Obama; we need a candor offensive. We're already seeing how paying for Social Security and Medicare is already crowding out other government spending. Spending on the nation's elderly is blocking spending on other programs including the non-elderly poor.

Mary Anastasia O'Grady explains the campaign by the Kirchner government and her allies to smear Pope Francis. It's all part of their campaign to turn Argentina into a Marxist country and Father Bergoglio's history of fighting back against Marxism. The Kirchners regarded him as their opponent and competitor for the hearts and minds of the nation's poor.

Al Sharpton and other race-mongers are trying to stir up charges of racism to protest Governor Snyder's appointment of a black lawyer to be the emergency manager to try to save Detroit from bankruptcy. Of course, these protesters are fearful of seeing the end of their gravy train that has gotten the city into its present perilous economic situation.

Amazingly, the Obama administration has totally reversed itself on missile defense. Both Biden and Obama have long opposed missile defense, but now we're expanding our long-range missile interceptors on the west coast in light of North Korea's expansion of its nuclear program. If only Obama hadn't started blocking missile-defense protections as soon as he became president.

Byron York casts a skeptical eye on the rush among conservatives to blame consultants for Republican losses this past election. The fault lies in the candidates rather than the consultants.

George Will explains the danger of using questionable social science in deciding Supreme Court cases, notably the case being heard next week on California's ban on same-sex marriage. It would be nice to decide the case based on the Constitution rather than on methodologically suspect research.

Whether the Duke Blue Devils win or lose, the GOP could take a lesson from Coach K's philosophy of "Next play!"

Meanwhile, the one-and-done trend is spoiling a lot of the fun from March Madness.