Friday, March 15, 2013

Cruising the Web

Every day, another story about how Obamacare will worsen care and make it more expensive.

Charles Krauthammer sees the controversy over Obama's use of drones as an opportunity for the parties to come together to write a new code of warfare in the modern age.
George W. Bush was excoriated for waterboarding exactly three terrorists, all of whom are now enjoying an extensive retirement on a sunny Caribbean island (though strolls beyond Gitmo’s gates are prohibited). Whereas President Obama, with thousands of kills to his name, evokes little protest from yesterday’s touch-not-a-hair-on-their-head zealots. Of whom, of course, Sen. Obama was a leading propagandist.

Such hypocrisy is the homage Democrats pay to Republicans when the former take office, confront national security reality, feel the weight of their duty to protect the nation — and end up doing almost everything they had denounced their predecessors for doing. The beauty of such hypocrisy, however, is that the rotation of power creates a natural bipartisan consensus on the proper conduct of this war....Necessity having led the Bush and Obama administrations to the use of near-identical weapons and tactics, a national consensus has been forged. Let’s make it open. All we need now is a president willing to lead and a Congress willing to take responsibility for the conduct of a war that, however much [Senator] Paul and his acolytes may wish it away, will long be with us.
It's been amazing to see how journalists and others think they're the correct ones to lecture the Catholic Church on what they should believe and practice. If they're truly concerned about women's rights in a patriarchal church, how about they spend a bit more time worrying about women's rights in the Muslim world. Catholic women may not be supposed to get an abortion, but at least they can drive unaccompanied by a male guardian to the polling places where they're allowed to vote.

Jennifer Rubin has some very pertinent questions for liberals to answer.

How Michigan unions are conspiring against teachers as they try to evade the new right-to-work law.

Some conservatives are making progress in coming to support gay marriage. It would be a good thing for the Republican party to come to understand that support for gay marriage can be consistent with modern conservatism.

Victor Davis Hanson is quite correct as he exposes the hypocrisies behind those who say they want diversity as the new affirmative action.

Jonah Goldberg demolishes the economically illiterate arguments of those activists who think that somehow it will be striking a blow against climate change if we don't approve the XL pipeline.

You might not have heard about it, but there are political fissures in both parties.

The Washington Post is disappointed yet again with the Democrats' approach to our looming fiscal problems.

And now it turns out that the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement lied about how many immigrants that they released supposedly because of anticipated cuts from the sequestration.

So this explains why I like Duke. Apparently, hating Duke is like hating America.