Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cruising the Web

Instead of threatening us with the lack of funding for scientific research, how about reassessing what the National Science Foundation is spending money on funding?

The increased drilling for oil that Obama likes to take credit for has nothing to do with Obama policies, but in spite of his policies.

Even the President's advisers admit his much-vaunted outreach to Republicans is a "joke" that the administration is doing only to fool the press.

The disaster that is Detroit is a monument to the limitations of government promises to provide everything to everybody. And it is a warning to the rest of us.

The state of Illinois is now being sued by the SEC for fraud over its lying about underfunding of its pension accounts. So if you think Illinois is in a fiscal mess now, just imagine what it will be as the pensions that they've been deceiving the public about funding come due. As Tom Maguire points out, both the Detroit and Illinois stories are examples of what happens when you have complete control by Democrats.

The ethanol mandate requiring refiners to purchase more ethanol than would be safe to put in gasoline is yet another example of why this awful policy should be ended.

Nate Cohn explains why Ashley Judd doesn't stand much of a chance of defeating Mitch McConnell.

How one Republican congressman exposed the lies from the Obama administration about how sequestration would lead to poor children going unvaccinated.

The Department of Justice inspector general has released a damning report on the racialism practiced by Obama's DOJ Civil Rights Division.

After four years the Democrats are set to release their own budget. But don't expect much. They're not going to submit a detailed budget proposal, but just "a broad outline" to raise taxes, spend more on stimulus, and ignore entitlements, and rely on phony savings. Hey, but at least they'll have a talking point when Republicans criticize then for not submitting a budget. And they can try and jump on the media attention that Paul Ryan is getting even though they're not proposing much beyond their usual talking points.

Russian beauty queens are publicly denouncing Vladimir Putin. Beautiful women with guts. Amazing.