Monday, March 11, 2013

Cruising the Web

Stephen Hayes explains why no one should be fooled by Barack Obama's sudden outreach to Republicans to think that he is sincere in wanting to trim government spending. That's why the Republicans are still standing firm.

Of course, with the President reluctant to commit to getting involved more in negotiations, all these nice meals with Republicans will go nowhere.

One advantage of the whole fuss over sequestration was that the public got to see how much silly money is being spent by the federal government. The whole story of spending close to $300,000 to keep three calligraphers on the staff of the White House. That's just amazing and even low-information voters can laugh at that.

The New York Times has the bizarre story of the 68-year old UNC physicist, the bikini model, and the suitcase full of cocaine. This whole story makes Manti Te'o look like a genius on interpersonal relations in the age of the internet.

Bjorn Lomborg explains why electric cars will never get ahead environmentally. If only our federal government understood such a basic point.

The Left has a lot to learn about Hugo Chavez. They should take a look at the people who supported him within Venezuela and why they liked him.

Paul Krugman can't understand why anyone would accept waterboarding but cavil at drone killings. What is there about three people giving valuable information after getting a few moments of simulated drowning that our own forces endure during training and about 4700 people being blown out of the sky that he doesn't understand?

Finally, the GOP is getting serious about revamping their polling operation.

This is what we get when trying accused terrorists - a demand to bar Jews from the jury.

Remember. These people get as many votes as you do.