Monday, March 04, 2013

Cruising the Web

Here's an easy cut in the budget we can make - stop paying people out of taxpayer funds for working full time for their unions. Here's another example of NLRB employees who work for their unions on the taxpayer dime.

David Frum exposes the myths behind women in combat. We're already lowering the physical requirements in order to allow women to pass physical tests.

Mary Katharine Ham notices that "every single bit of gun advice Biden gives will get you arrested."

Mort Zuckerman explains why our unemployment situation in the country is far worse than it looks.

If the President wants a real ready-to-go infrastructure project, he could approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

The Census Bureau has decided that Portuguese-descended people are now disadvantaged Hispanics.

Allysia Finley explains how California has become the reverse-Joads. We didn't need a Dust Bowl to explain the numbers of people fleeing the formerly Golden State; instead we just needed complete Democratic control of the state.

Now we're finally seeing the veil lifted a bit from how the Obama administration abuses reporters in order to guarantee positive coverage. They're going to need to pressure a whole lot more reporters as they continue to make false claims about the effects of the sequester. Even some of the more obsequious in the press are having trouble swallowing some of these claims. Even SNL is having fun at Obama's expense.

Jim Geraghty brought together some of the funnier Twitter reactions to the onset of Sequesterocalypse.

Wow! The sequester could be a whole lot worse than we knew. Maxine Waters tells us that it "cost America 170 million jobs." We don't even have that many jobs in the economy. Perhaps total innumeracy among our representatives is why we are in the fiscal mess we're in.