Friday, March 22, 2013

Cruising the Web

A gun control proponent, UCLA law professor, Adam Winkler explains how Senator Feinstein's bill to ban the sale of assault weapons was a mistake, poorly drafted with lots of loopholes, and is likely unconstitutional.

Senate Democrats all come out against balancing a budget.

Finally, the New York Times and Washington Post are starting to recognize how harmful Obamacare is to businesses.

President Obama has completely switched his position on Israel and getting rid of preconditions to peace negotiations. He's sounding more like George W. Bush than Barack Obama.

The administration has no idea whether or not the border is secure or even how to measure it. Isn't that rather fundamental to crafting immigration reform?

Charles Krauthammer has a proposal for a compromise to get tax reform and entitlement reform in one big package.

How about applying disparate impact theory to the minimum wage? By the Democrats' own definition, raising the minimum wage is racial discrimination.