Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cruising the Web

Victor Davis Hanson details the amazing hypocrisies that are Barack Obama's presidency. There are so many examples that even someone who despises Obama like myself has forgotten quite a few of them.

Speaking of hypocrisy, remember how the Obama campaign blasted Mitt Romney for his overseas accounts in the Cayman Islands? Well, what do they have to say now that the Obama nominee for the Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew, has some of those same accounts?

The fantasy that is the Obama administration's belief in electric cars has fizzled to a stop. As Charles Lane writes, this episode exemplifies the arrogance of liberal bureaucrats who think that once they are in government they can improve on the market.
Rather, the debacle is a case study in unchecked righteousness. The administration assumed the worthiness and urgency of its goals. Americans should want electric cars, and therefore they would, apparently.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu, he of the Nobel Prize in physics, epitomized the regnant blend of sanctimony and technocratic hubris. He once told journalist Michael Grunwald that photosynthesis is “too damn inefficient,” and that DOE might help correct that particular error of evolution.
Andrew Nagorski pays tribute to Benedict XVI's papacy and what he has done for the modern papacy by his extraordinary resignation.

More Chuck Hagel speeches criticizing American support for Israel are coming to light. But the Democratic senators won't care and they'll vote lemming-like to approve his nomination.

Texas's economic growth is no mirage.

Meanwhile, California is facing a doctor shortage. Wait until Obamacare hits the other states and we all start facing such shortages.

Scratch another Obama straw man argument. When he excoriates the Republicans for allowing the sequester to go forth, he's ignoring that the House Republicans have already proposed plans to replace the sequestrations, but the Democrats in the Senate never did anything on their own to either adopt the GOP proposals or make some of their own. Typical for the Harry Reid Senate.

Debby Wasserman Schultz tried to fool reporters, but they caught her at it.

Those young people who voted so overwhelmingly for Barack Obama are now about to be slammed by Obamacare.