Friday, February 08, 2013

Cruising the Web

Oh, the diplomatic services of John Kerry will really be needed after the rest of the world is forced to listen to Dickie V.

So this is leadership in a crisis - Obama only spoke once to the Defense Secretary and General Dempsey the day of the Benghazi attack despite having given orders that they do whatever was necessary to protect our people there. Contrast that image of a president never bothering to follow up to find out what was being done to protect Americans under attack with the images of Obama's hero, Abraham Lincoln haunting the Telegraph Office whenever a battle was underway during the Civil War.

Eugene Volokh highlights a horrific story from England where a Muslim man got a suspended sentence for statutory rape because his defense was that he lived in such an insular community that he didn't know it was wrong to rape a thirteen-year-old girl.

Americans support the idea of women in combat, but women themselves are not so supportive of the idea of women being drafted. Men, however, are fine with the idea.
If there is a draft, however, men say 59 - 36 percent that women should be drafted. Women are split on being drafted, 48 - 45 percent.
Imagine that.

Jon Stewart notices that the Obama administration is remarkably hypocritical. Nice of him to catch on.

Oh, no! Harry Reid might actually have to let the Senate follow regular procedure on assault weapons ban legislation. You know how he hates to do that.

Peggy Noonan rightly skewers Steve Kroft's interview of Obama and Clinton for repeatedly asking "how wonderful are you?" instead of tackling anything substantive.

So will we end up with the military receiving a pay cut while federal officials from Joe Biden on down getting a pay hike?

Harry Reid doesn't seem concerned to find out about foreign money that Chuck Hagel has earned since he left the Senate, but Reid sure had a different attitude when it was a Republican nominee.

Ace has a hard time containing himself over liberal hypocrisy over speech that supposedly incites violence.