Thursday, February 07, 2013

Cruising the Web

Already we're seeing how misguided John Kerry's world view is. Just why does he say that Egypt is "a force for peace" in the Middle East and that the Muslim Brotherhood running that country have the same goals in the Middle East that the United States does?

Peter Kirsanow has some questions for the President. Remember when Obama told us that waterboarding is "not who we are"? So why are targeted assassinations that may kill bystanders "who we are"?
But if you maintain that waterboarding a senior operational leader of al-Qaeda — indeed, the the confessed mastermind of the plot that killed 3,000 Americans — is “not who we are,” how do you maintain that the assassination of a 16-year-old American — unlikely a senior operational leader – is who we are?

How is waterboarding known al-Qaeda leaders who admit to plotting future catastrophic terrorist attacks on the U.S. “contrary to our ideals,” but assassinating a 16-year-old American — who may or may not have an affiliation with al-Qaeda – not contrary to those same ideals?
And then Kirsanow reminds us how Obama's Justice Department conducted a three-year investigation of CIA officials involved in enhanced interrogations despite the fact that they had previously been cleared. Are they going to conduct that same sort of investigation of those involved in targeted assassinations?

Rich Lowry gets at the heart of the left's consternation at Obama's assumption of authority to decide when American citizens can be killed abroad. I mean, it's like Obama has suddenly become Dick Cheney or George W. Bush. Perhaps the left will finally realize that the obloquy they (and Senator Obama) heaped on the Bush administration for their approach to fighting terrorists was unwarranted and that these are very difficult questions that don't easily fit into easily defined parameters of what is right and what is wrong.

Daniel Henninger desires some "artisanal government." Not for the next four years.

Exploding the myth about Democratic voter suppression in the 2012 elections. It just didn't happen.

Michelle Rhee explains why she came out in favor of the D.C. voucher program.

Ron Unz presents some remarkable data showing how the percentage of Asians admitted to Ivy League universities has stayed remarkably the same over the past 21 years although the number of Asians of college-age has more than doubled. It's time to admit that if it looks like a quota and acts like a quota, it is a quota and thus unconstitutional.


equitus said...

"Perhaps the left will finally realize that the obloquy they (and Senator Obama) heaped on the Bush administration for their approach to fighting terrorists was unwarranted.."

Not going to happen. The left has a very very short memory, and anything that doesn't fit their narrative is simply ignored.

Skay said...

The truth does not matter -- It is only the agenda that matters to the left. They do not even hide it anymore.

mark said...

The criticisms above would be valid if only they were true. The left is covering this, and many are highly critical of Obama. It was the supposedly liberal NBC/MSNBC that brought the memo to our attention while Fox was covering Skeetgate. Jon Stewart skewered Obama over this.
Then again, both equitus and skay have demonstrated their lack of honesty by creating new identities in a sad attempt to bolster their drivel.

equitus said...

mark, it's only in your head that I've created a new identity. And as I've pointed out before, that's all the evidence you need to believe it. Very telling, but not surprising. You have a lot in common with your political fellow travelers.

So, you are now seem to be admitting that the obloquy heaped on Bush was unwarranted. OK. Maybe now you'll finally let go of your "My Little Goat" fetish.

Last, First, MI said...

The legality of the program may be up for debate but the hypocrisy on the part of the left is not.

In a rare moment of truthfulness, Mark has let slip that the "left is covering this...." Did he mean that the MSM is reporting on this and in doing so, make the tacit admission that the MSM and the left are one in the same? Or did he mean "covering" as in "covering for"? I admit that nowdays it is a distinction without a difference but that happens when the leftist media throws away objectivity in favor of party loyalty.

It's pretty damning that Mark has to point to that hard hitting, investigative journalist, Jon Stewart, as taking the lead on pursuing the truth for the left. I guess it falls to Stewart when the 60 minutes crew and the rest of the lap dog MSM have been busy giving the Pres a tongue bath for the last several years on this and other issues for which they would have simply skewered Bush. It sure won't be Chris Rock - he says that Obama is his "boss" and "daddy". I'm surprised Rock isn't a news anchor on NBC! Anyway, I can't wait for Stewart to shame the MSM on Fast and Furious, the Holder-Obama weapons transfer program to Mexican drug cartels. Why I just bet Mark would be furious and fast to criticized the MSM for not hammering Bush for complicity in the death of an American law enforcement agent.

No, Mark blows off this administration's repeated abuse of power, cares not that the media is uncritical of an administration and strangely continues to roll around in some bizarre fit of paranoia about secretive personalities here in the comments section. Creepy and disturbed.

Hey Mark, while you're checking under your bed for a disguised Skay and an equitus incognito, can you take a look around for that mythical third party candidate you claimed to have supported? Maybe while you're down there you'll even find some of the principles you dropped when you were carrying Obama, Hillary, and Menendez fanboy Harry Reid on your shoulders!

mark said...


"My Little Goat"?

The book that enthralled W while our country was under attack was "My Pet Goat".

Last, First, MI said...


The book BO was reading while Americans were dying was "Do Not Disturb - I'm Flying to Vegas in the Morning for the Campaign". Pretty much settles the question of who is going to pick up the phone at 3 AM in the Obama administration: NOBODY.

To listen to the Chairman and the Secretary of Defense testify, neither Obama or Hillary could be bothered to do a thing when Americans were being murdered. They knew that at least two were already dead but they didn't give a crap. Obama went to bed. Two more Americans died. No troops or aircraft were dispatched to help.

Kind of gets your goat, doesn't it?

mark said...

OK, I searched google and couldn't find a book by that title. Like everything else, I suspect you're just making it up.

And now poor W is stuck at home painting himself trying to scrub himself clean. I wonder what the shrinks will say about that. He's a pretty good painter, and I'm sure it's more therapeutic than pointing fingers at everyone else for his failures, as so many conservatives keep doing. So kudos to him.

equitus said...

I think mark blew a gasket. I don't know what he's talking about now. For sure it's not any of the points LFM raised. Understandable.

Last, First, MI said...


While you're Googling, look up "Mark's 3rd party candidates".

Who knows? Maybe you can come up with one that will have the stones needed to get to the bottom of Benghazi because Hillary and Obama have run from that like scalded dogs. Profiles in courage! Those two have had over five months to be honest with the American people but it just isn't in their nature. You must be very proud of them.

Until then, we'll just have to accept that your claim of supporting third party candidates was not sincere. You're just another leftist drone the party can count on to fall in line. Toady!

Last, First, MI said...


I spoon fed you a segue with that leftist drone line above and nothing but crickets. I would have thought you would jump on a line like that to tell us how you think killing bad guys with "drones" is the best thing since "free" health care!

Is it buyer's remorse? Have you been rendered speechless by your own hypocrisy? Or are you just waiting for some new talking points?

mark said...

You truly are oblivious to just how pathetic you are, aren't you?

Last, First, MI said...


You're a conspiracy theorist! Who knew?!

Your best bet here would be to deal with the topic - sound knowledgeable in doing so for a change - and stop drawing attention to your insecurities and paranoid delusions.

We've now established beyond doubt that you did not support any third party candidates for national office. That's fine, it's an individual choice but claiming to do so when you most certainly did not, well that's just lying.

Look, by their very nature, most liberals and almost all progressives seem very at ease with falling in line behind a strong or at least charismatic figure that knows how to stroke them the right way. Your type is always willing to rollover on your back for that and happily look the other way when something happens that they would NEVER tolerate from a Republican or conservative.

Maybe if you had not supported the Obama administration with a lap dog's loyal obedience up to this point, your complaints would be worth reading but instead you just sound like you're trying to obfuscate and more likely, you're trying to convince yourself that you've not abandoned your principles along the way while you were blindly supporting a bad man.

You know he's not up to this job, but it's worse than that. Sure, he can campaign but he cannot govern. He runs from decisions and when the غائط hit the fan, he went to bed and left Americans to die in Libya. You've tolerated his lies up to now because you thought he would make good on some of his promises but also because you believed the platitudes and empty slogans for so long that you were happy to replace them, in your fuzzy mind, with ideas that you WANTED to believe were held my this man.

Regardless of the rampant stupidity which serves as the marrow of the skeletal form of words you excrete in these threads, despite your struggle with tying together even a few strands of coherency, I don't believe you want to see the country harmed. Despite your vile habits here, I don't believe you actually want harm to this country or it's people.

But harm is what we'll all receive at that hands of the Obama administration if enough people continue to follow him blindly over one cliff after another. When were you planning to open your eyes?

mark said...

Please refer to my comment at 2:01 Saturday.

Last, First, MI said...


Please refer to my second paragraph from 4:56 PM.

(It would seem that your fears of an Equitus conspiracy are as reality based as your third party stance!)

Are you really that ill-equipped to hold up your end in a debate about the hypocrisy of this administration, the compliance of the MSM, and the dull-minded drones (here's where you come in) that support the former while tolerating the latter?!

It appears that you've set the bar lower for yourself than for this president, if that could be possible!

mark said...

You are one sad person. And a liar to boot:
Last Sunday night, you posted as both equitus and lfm with the same pathetic issue and words (below). When Jindal and Barbour talk about the "stupid" wing of the republican party, they're referring to fools like you.

Last, First, MI said...
Identities? Identify ANY Democrat that has demanded that Bob Menendez, child prostitute customer and Democratic Party Senator from New Jersey, step aside and cooperate fully with the current FBI investigation.10:37 AM

equitus said...

My question, again: Identify ANY Democrat that has demanded that Bob Menendez, child prostitute customer and Democratic Party Senator from New Jersey, step aside and cooperate fully with the current FBI investigation.
1:31 AM

Last, First, MI said...


Did you Biden* me?

You're welcome to borrow my questions for Mark anytime you like but don't expect answers from him. He's just not up to the challenge. In this case, Mark doesn't have the morals within him to condemn a Dem ( that has a ring to it: "Condemn-A-Dem" )that uses little girls for sex. Neither do the other party loyalists, so no surprise.

I do have to point out the irony with this case because unlike the "It's about sex" dodge party flacks threw down for serial office sex predator, Bill Clinton, Menendez' high crimes really are about sex. Sure you can nail him for his skeevy dealings with a big time Democrat donor as well, but yeah, this really is about sex when it comes to Menendez. Doesn't matter though since Harry Reid is cool with that and apparently Mark is too.

*(It's easier to spell B-I-D-E-N than plagiarist. That's ironic since Joe gets in trouble when he spells or counts. Remember that little "three letter word: J-O-B-S"?)

equitus said...

Yeah, LFM, mark's kind of gone off the deep end here. Actually, his "firm belief" that I am you is kind of flattering; your comments are eloquent and sharp. But I don't have the time or patience to argue at length with mark, as you seem to.

Yes, I copy-pasted your question directly. For one thing, it was a great question (obviously, for mark failed to answer). For another, I thought it would be fun to mess with the troll's mind a bit. Worked much better than I expected! lol

Can't wait to see his reaction to this little conversation. I'm sure he'll take it as rock-solid proof that we're the same person. People like mark don't need actual evidence, just a suspicion, and then their faith is permanent.

mark said...

Kinda funny. Kinda sad. Totally pathetic.

Thanks, guy(s)

equitus said...

Always with the projecting...

Last, First, MI said...

Mark: "Hey you kids! Get off of my lawn!!!" [Shakes fist, wipes flecks of spittle from gray, stubbled chin. Wanders back to porch while adjusting stained and tattered wife-beater t-shirt. His Crocs, crusted with funk, scuttle along the broken and uneven pavers that tumble errantly toward the sound of NPR droning monotonously from the hovel. He is suddenly stricken with the realization: Damn, I forgot my pants again."]

First, Last, MI: "THHHBBbbbbt!"

Equitus: "What he said!"

Mark: "Get off my lawn you little bastards before I buy your round trip tickets on a flight with
Bob Menendez!"