Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Cruising the Web

The point that critics missed in the uproar of N.C. Governor McCrory's comments on too many North Carolina college students taking classes that will help them move into careers.

Generals, even Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, should not be mixing with politics and policy-making.

Rahm Emanuel could do a whole lot more for his city if he'd cut out the useless moral grandstanding.

A union memo discloses how Michigan unions are plotting to still coerce members into paying dues even after the state's right-to-work-law was enacted.

Even Al Gore's admirers in the media and among late-night comedians are fed up with him.

The FBI is still pursuing the source of the leaks from senior White House officials about our cyberattacks against Iran's nuclear program. Shouldn't this be a bigger deal in the media?

So experts think that Senator Menendez might survive a scandal of taking money from an eyesurgeon being investigated for Medicare fraud and use of Dominican prostitutes. However, if the allegations are borne out that some of the prostitutes were underage, that might be just too toxic. Otherwise, don't be surprised if he remains in the Senate and guts it out.