Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cruising the Web

It's the battle of the Titans: Bob Woodward going up against the White House. And Woodward doesn't take kindly to being threatened by some administration aide for telling what he knows about how the sequestration idea emerged in the first place - straight from the White House.

The GAO can find billions of dollars to save in duplicate programs throughout the government. Why can't the administration? Every election, we hear about how some politician is going to save money by eliminating "waste, fraud, and abuse." It's about time someone actually did so.

Bill Freezza of Forbes puts his finger on the essential contradiction in Obama's fear-mongering that he can't find a way to not cut the most essential federal programs.
The most imperial president in American history, a man who boasts that he will rule by Executive Action if Congress refuses to pass legislation he favors, can’t figure out how to direct spending cuts in a way that does the least harm to the American people?
Freezza imagines the lists that we're already starting to see of wasted federal spending. People will start to wonder why Obama wouldn't look to cut out the waste instead of cutting those programs that truly affect people.

Byron York addresses the question of whether Obama has the power to adjust spending cuts so that he doesn't have to cut valuable programs and can cut those programs that have less value. And this is a president who exults in using his executive authority. If he weren't trying to demagogue the whole issue, he'd have instructed his administration to do exactly this. I can't imagine any other president who would have so abdicated his executive leadership like this.

Even the media is starting to question the sky-is-falling rhetoric from the administration.

And right on time, Arne Duncan earns four Pinnochios for his claims on how teachers are being pink-slipped because of the sequester.

Conn Carroll explains how California's enchantment with supposedly green jobs has been a massive waste of money and drag on their economy.

Remember when Obama was claiming he'd put an end to cynicism about the government? What a laugh.

Daniel Henninger explains the Obamaian Universe and compares Obama's view of how the economy works as out of touch as believing in the Ptolemaic geo-centric universe after Copernicus described a helio-centric system. Knowing how people clung to the older version of the solar system for such a long time after Copernicus and Galileo, this is a very apt and explanatory metaphor for liberals' clinging to their belief in how more and more public spending is the answer to our economic stagnation.

The SEC lost a unanimous decision yesterday in the Supreme Court. The case is a necessary brush-back pitch to regulator overreach.