Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cruising the Web

Here's a weird story about "phantom" absentee ballot requests that seem to have come from someone or some group setting up a computer trick to request over 2500 absentee ballots in the Miami area. If they hadn't made the mistake of setting the requests to come out within minutes of each other they might not have been caught. And no one knows who was behind it. This story should be a warning to those who want to set up voting on the internet.

Kathleen Sebelius unveils some new Obamacare regulations that target young people to make sure that they pay more for health insurance in order to take care of old people. I wonder if the younger generation has any idea of how Obama's policies are slanted to take money from the young to help the old.

Great. One guy who loves Chuck Hagel is Louis Farrakhan. Just the role model we want for our Secretary of Defense.

Amazing how the economy is growing in red states compared to blue states.

The Obama administration adopts the garbage-in-garbage-out approach to fighting discrimination.

Remember the good ol' days when the Democrats just loved the sequester?

And we should remember that defense spending will increase even with the sequestration cuts.

Gee, it sure doesn't sound like I missed anything by not watching the Oscars.

The Washington Post pleas in vain for the President to show some leadership on entitlement reform. Yeah, as if that will happen.

In its effort to cause mass panic over the sequester, the Obama OMB lists cuts to an agency that no longer exists.