Monday, February 25, 2013

Cruising the Web

Gosh, is there no corner of popular culture that the Obamas won't infiltrate? Why would anyone except the Obamas and their idolizers in Hollywood have thought it was a good idea for Michelle Obama to deliver the Best Picture Award?

Glenn Reynolds suggests that, if Hollywood stars want an increase in taxes on the rich, we should get rid of the state government tax benefits for Hollywood.

It is well past time for the Voting Rights Act to be updated for the present. Since Congress refused to do that, it will be up to the Supreme Court.

So was Citgroup paying Jack Lew a million-dollar bounty for going to work for the government in a top policy post? I guess that's all okay if the guy is a Democrat.

It's about time for a reevaluation of Calvin Coolidge. And very appropriate for politics today.

This table from the Washington Post puts the sequestration cuts in perspective.Not so Draconian, are they?

Last week was the 20-year anniversary of the assault on the Branch Davidian at Waco. As Philip Jenkins points out, such religious separatist groups are not uncommon in American history. What was new was the reaction of the government to such groups.

There is something truly bizarre about a government that has a position for "language minister." Quebec's language police are going after restaurants for not translating "pasta" or "WC" into French.

So Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrat party has its own sex scandal that they hid for years that a senior party official was sexually molesting volunteers and staff.

David Ignatius describes how the President's cabinet for his second term is full of yes-men.

Here's a lovely picture report of a kayaker who rescued a dog stranded on an ice floe in Lake Michigan.

Here's one theory on why romantic comedies are so bad these days: we just don't have any social barriers for couples to cross these days. Of course, they could still make romances where the plots evolves from the characters themselves rather than societal barriers.