Friday, February 22, 2013

Cruising the Web

California finds another way to kill the geese that lay their increasingly fewer golden eggs: retroactive tax hikes. Yeah, that will keep tech companies from fleeing the state.

The former mayor of Bell, California charged with misappropriating funds from the community while getting paid about $100,000 for a part-time job is using the "I'm-illiterate-and-ignorant" defense. I wonder if that was on the campaign literature when he ran for office.

I support charter schools, but no charter application should be accepted if its authors are too stupid to avoid plagiarizing another charter's application while forgetting to use the "Find and Replace" function to remove the name of the school whose application they were plagiarizing. Not the model we want for teaching kids.

Here are the real drawings that were used to fool Iranian officials as depicted the film "Argo."

Is there any hope for a city like Detroit that handed over its economy to the unions and now can't get it back?

Don't be so quick to buy the Pentagon's poor-mouthing of what will happen with the sequestration.

The NLRB thumbs its nose at the judicial system.

I'd vote for Lauren and Bogie over this Audrey Hepburn line for the "sexiest line in cinematic history."