Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cruising the Web

Yes, let's remember when Obama said he'd veto any effort to get rid of the sequestration automatic spending cuts. But that was 2011. Now he's changed his mind.

How typical that the White House press corps only start complaining on how Obama treats them when they can't get a photo op of Obama and Tiger Woods golfing together. Otherwise, they're totally pliant to the White House storyline on major stories. Deny them info on the President's golf dates and they become journalistic sharks. Talk about the President's policies and they quickly return to stenographer-mode.

The NAACP released some really despicable election flyers in North Carolina equating a vote against Obama as a vote for the KKK and sending blacks back to picking cotton.

A good question for Joe Biden from a video town hall: "Another questioner asked why the administration thinks a gun ban would effectively get guns out of the hands of criminals if making drugs illegal doesn’t keep drugs away from criminals."

Richard Epstein explains why we shouldn't be so worried about income inequality.

The whole Menendez scandal with Dr. Melgen reminds us of how rampant Medicare and Medicaid fraud are.

Hmmm. Even if you love President Obama and are pleased with his usurpation of power, what happens if we get a "bad president?"

Roll Call takes an in-depth look at the case that will be argued before the Supreme Court to challenge Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act that requires certain jurisdictions to get preclearance from the Justice Department before making any changes in their voting procedures. Perhaps the Court will recognize that things have changed since the mid-1970s which is the last time when Congress considered the formulas determining which jurisdictions are covered.

Liberals are really stretching when they try to argue that Republicans are increasingly anti-black based on answers to survey questions that indicate the respondent doesn't support programs that give preferences to racial minorities. Suddenly, wanting to treat all races the same indicates one is anti-black.