Saturday, February 02, 2013

Cruising the Web

Hillary's own words demonstrate what a management failure she was as Secretary of State.

Haven't you been wondering what the NFL and NBA think about climate change? The Democrats have.

Ah, Steve Kroft's preparatory notes for his interview with Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The FEC is estimating that the 2012 election cost $7 billion. And that's not even including the costs of Obama's policies!

People are amazed to find out how much their employers are paying for their health insurance. Just wait until those policies start getting taxed.

The report issued by former Governor Jim Martin exonerating the UNC athletic department from culpability in its scandal around courses in the African-American Studies Department now has had to retract its key finding, making its exoneration meaningless.

Michael Barone explains why a declining birthrate and economic growth rate threaten our ability to provide the care for seniors that we've been promising them. As Obama would say, "it's math."

Ah, the obfuscation of the passive, actorless construction. President blames our lack of economic progress on "bad decisions in Washington." But he neglects to inform us who exactly made those "bad decisions." I guess this is the Obama equivalent of "mistakes were made." Except we know that he would never take blame for any of those "bad decisions."

Conservative states don't have the most conservative representation in Congress.

The show's creator explains why "Downton Abbey" is truly anti-snobbery.

How Stanford researchers are perfecting a technique that will make steroids obsolete.

In honor of February 2nd, here is Jonah Goldberg's tribute to the movie classic, Groundhog's Day. And here is one writer's estimate of how long Bill Murray stayed stuck in the perpetual loop of seemingly endless Goundhog's Days.