Friday, February 15, 2013

Cruising the Web

Gee, my Quiz Bowl team would so rock Teen Jeopardy. Or, at least I like to think so.

Michael Barone elaborates on how Barack Obama has been governing as if the rule of law doesn't apply to his presidency.

In case you had any doubt that diversity training was a boondoggle, listen to what the USDA made employees sit through.

No, Mr. President, you don't have the most transparent administration in history. That statement deserves a zillion Pinocchios.

Martin Peretz bemoans what has become of the New Republic, the magazine he used to own.

Matt Welch details the problem with Obama's "do-something" ideas when we are burdened with a "have-nothing" government.

Beyond terrorism, the insurgents in Mali working with Al Qaeda terrorists are slaveowners. Perhaps this will help cast a light on the worldwide trafficking in slavery.

Explaining why state governments shouldn't be increasing their spending on their state universities.

Nate Cohn in the New Republic explains that gerrymandering isn't to blame for the GOP control of the House. Michael Barone agrees.


equitus said...

That last article by Barone on gerrymandering has a link to a very interesting map of 50 equal-population states.

elkh1 said...

Did Leonard win $75k or $40k (2nd place)?

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