Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cruising the Web

Why are we sending $700 million to the Palestinian Authority? Couldn't that money be better spent?

Why do some liberals express admiration for murderer Chris Dorner? Even the New York Times seems to buy wholesale Dorner's allegations against LAPD without checking them out. What could possess these people? Is that they're just too young to have gotten into the whole Free Mumia excitement?

Raising the minimum wage would do nothing to help those in poverty, but actually increase unemployment among those people. In fact, if Obama were truly interested in helping those folks rather than just demagoguing the issue, he'd press for raising the Earned Income Tax Credit instead.

Now you can buy the Marco Rubio water bottle. Who wants such things? But I admire the entrepreneurship. But why did the media go crazy over that sip? Is it that they had nothing else about his speech to criticize?

Matt Lewis asks if sex scandals are the only scandals that Americans care about these days. It rather seems that way sometimes.

Now the Washington Post is hiring a Democratic lobbyist for writing commentary. Aren't there any other writers out there who don't have Hilary Rosen's bio?

Young conservatives bemoan the mistakes of the older generation of Republicans who have no real idea of how to appeal to their generation. They see the current Republican Party playing checkers with the Democrats playing chess. That has to change.

Now a student, a daughter of a professor even, is suing for damages because of getting a C+ in a class. Can you imagine if this became an accepted route for disappointed students?

Explaining how the Obama administration inflates their numbers on deportation.