Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cruising the Web

Short reaction to Obama's State of the Union: he does not really care about addressing the scary path we're on with entitlement spending. The only answer he has is to tax "the rich." And when it comes to creating jobs, he believes that the government is the best agent to create jobs. He basically believes that the government can create some sort of program to solve every problem facing the nation. That ignores all the failures we've seen recently when the government has stepped in to choose favored businesses in the economy.

As David Brooks writes, these policies are sacrificing the future of our children for the sake of the present.

Amazing how the President can spend much of his speech talking about all the government programs he plans on creating and then tell us that none of what he's proposing "should increase our deficit by a single dime."

The RNC has compiled a video of all the times that Obama has promised not to increase the deficit by a single dime. I guess he could say he's kept his promise. He hasn't increased the deficit by a single dime, but by trillions of dimes.

Of course, the President's rhetoric is ignoring that the facts about how the top earners of our nation pay a huge majority of the taxes taken in by the federal government.

Jennifer Rubin notes all the internal contradictions in the President's speech.

Obama could learn a lot from the economic policies of President Lincoln.

It might be a popular meme among liberals, but we are not experiencing some crisis in voting rights. But why let facts get in the way when so much demagoguery is possible.

Don't believe Obama's words on how much the debt has been reduced while he's been president.

As usual, Obama responds to the retirement of the Pope by talking about...Obama.