Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Listen to what Phil Mickelson said this weekend, not the walkback that he has since made. Notice that, in his walkback, he said he wouldn't talk about his finances and the confiscatory taxes he complained about, just that he wouldn't talk publicly any more. That's because liberals, who love it when leftist celebrities pronounce on public policy, want to put their fingers in their ears when a celebrity delivers a different sort of message.

Mayor Bloomberg's gift to New York City - a debt bomb which has increased 100% since he took office.

Cheers to David Cameron for saying that British citizens could actually vote on whether or not to stay in the EU. How non-EU-like to allow the people of countries to actually vote on whether they want to be in the EU. Now expect the biggest of propaganda battles as everyone tries to warn British voters about the terrible consequences if they should withdraw. After all France is saying how seriously annoyed they are about such a vote. Yup. Democracy is indeed annoying to leaders.

More arrogance from the EU as the EU Commissioner for the Digital Agenda (what government should even have such a position?) has commissioned a draft report urging each nation to have national media councils that break the EU's rules and to impose fines based on rules emanating from Brussels. Thus freedoms are diminished, one bureaucratic edict at a time.

Heh. The Mafia is deeply involved in Italy's government-subsidized renewable energy industry. I guess that renewable energy is just the modern equivalent for Mafia involvement in garbage disposal.

Jonah Goldberg explains why the "if even one life can be saved" standard is so wrong.

So which members of Congress have the worst turnover rates among their staff? Sheila Jackson Lee and Michele Bachman have the worst rates among current members of the House.

The revolving door works for former senator Ben Nelson. Some things never change.

Well, this is certainly a sign of Hillary Clinton's ability to manage money: she's finally cleared her debt from her 2008 campaign.

Harry Reid has been courting the NRA for years; will he now reverse his positions and twist the arms of Democratic senators up for reelection in 2014 in states like Montana, Louisiana, and Arkansas?

Bill Clinton claims that he understands those people who are clinging to their guns because "all they've got is their hunting and their fishing." The snobbish arrogance apparently eludes him.

Jay Carney is already trying to walk back some of President Obama's policy pronouncements on gay marriage and climate change from his inaugural address.