Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Cruising the Web

Arthur Brooks explains how the fiscal cliff deal redistributed money from rich people who make money to rich people who take money.

Byron York explains why the Republicans haven't been able to do anything about Harry Reid violating the law by not passing a budget for almost four years. The reason is that the 1974 law mandating the passage of a budget doesn't have any enforcement provisions if a Congressional house refuses to follow the law. Sounds like a dumb mistake in the crafting of the law, but it took until Harry Reid for it to be so clearly violated. And while Republicans would like to include a stronger law on passing a budget as part of a deal on raising the debt ceiling, but the White House is sticking to their position of not having any negotiations over raising the ceiling. I wonder if Senate Democrats want to go to the wall to preserve their right to not pass a budget.

There are several states that are approaching the new year with a surplus. You might notice what they have in common.

Mona Charen explains how government made disaster relief after Sandy worse.

Charles Cooke explains why the 1920s era servants such as those on Downton Abbey were happy with their jobs.

Our stupid ethanol mandates are leading to kids starving in Central America.

Al Gore's big payday for selling Current TV to Al Jazeera stands in contrast to his losses from investing in green industries. Rather like the investments that Obama has made in similar programs.

Philip Klein explains how the poor design of Obamacare will drive insurance premiums higher and higher.

The guy that Obama put on the National Labor Relations Board as a recess appointment when the Senate wasn't even in recess is now being sued for participating in a conspiracy to cover up a labor union's embezzlement by firing whistleblowers. Nice.