Monday, January 07, 2013

Cruising the Web

The first step to fixing a problem is to acknowledge that we have one. And President Obama is still in denial saying that we don't have a spending problem and he's tired of Boehner saying that we do have a serious spending problem. Obama thinks that our fiscal problems are part of our health care expenses which he thinks that he fixed with Obamacare.

It's gotten to be a real trend in how the Obama administration is trying to keep secrets from the public whether it is by refusing information on FOIA requests or by setting up secret email accounts.

Well, of course: Cash for Clunkers actually ended up hurting the environment. The perfect government program - accomplishing the exact opposite of its goal.

Sweet. As a result of the Justice Department's ideologically-motivated lawsuit against South Carolina's perfectly constitutional Voter ID law, the Justice Department now must reimburse the state for the its legal costs. This is the result of the political employees at DOJ ignoring the recommendations of the career employees.

Joel Kotkin reminds us how California's disastrous politics and economic policies have come to be and why there is little hope that anything will change.

Two demographers write in the NYT that Social Security is in a worse fiscal situation than previously thought because Social Security actuaries are underestimating how long people live and thus how long the government has to pay out in benefits.

Last month, Peter Suderman coined the perfect name for how our political leaders approach our federal budget - "the DocFix Economy." We have a poorly conceived budget measure that was meant to be temporary and Congress has to pass a temporary fix every year for a problem that Congress created in the first place. And that is exactly what is going to happen with one fiscal crisis after another.

Oh, the irony! Obama is using signing statements just as liberals used to foam at the mouth when Bush did it.

When teachers in states like Michigan decide if they want to pay dues to the NEA, they might be interested in seeing how much officials in education unions earn with money paid out of those dues.

Robert Samuelson bemoans the fact that we still can't get rid of farm subsidies. They encapsulate all that is wrong with how our politicians approach federal spending.

This year will be the year when we start to see how Obamacare will increase unemployment.

Of course, the media, or at least NYT reporters, seem totally unaware of the connection between Obamacare and its effects. That's my worry. As predicted, Obamacare will have a myriad of terrible consequences, but Democrats and the media will ignore the connection and instead argue that we need more new government solutions to fix the problems that their original policies caused in the first place.