Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cruising the Web

Jonah Goldberg wonders why we never had public debate over women serving in combat during the campaign or otherwise and instead it has just been decided by fiat. The discussion seems to revolve on why this is good for women soldiers professionally and not whether it is a good idea for the American military when in combat.

Will President Obama's overreach of executive powers end up weakening the office of the presidency?

Sources who have witnessed the President skeet shooting cast a lot of doubt on his claim that he and his guests "do skeet shooting all the time." Could our president have, gasp, misled the American people?

Why we still supporting the Muslim Brotherhood?

Human rights commissions that want to limit freedom of speech are now moving in on Washington D.C. businesses. Don't be so sure that the First Amendment protects you if you say or do something that offends particular groups.

One more retired politician cashes in on his vote for Obamacare. Funny how that works out.

Yet one more Obamacare gimmick.

Beware what the 15% ethanol gas that Obama is pushing for can do to your car engines.

What a coincidence that the course that Chuck Hagel was teaching at Georgetown listed required texts that demand Israel vacate all settlements and compensate Palestinians monetarily and with part of Jerusalem. But, of course, none of that reflects the support that Hagel just decided that he has for Israel.


elkh1 said...

"this is good for women soldiers professionally"

Wasn't it during the Gulf War, or Iraq War: quite a few woman soldiers got pregnant to avoid going to the battle field?

LargeBill said...

Whatever Hagel says today is meaningless. The moment he is confirmed his positions will go back to his long standing views. f

Rick Caird said...

I wonder what the penalty is for lying to the Senate during confirmation hearings.

Howard said...

Well, the penalty for obfuscating to the Senate during Benghazi hearings appears to be praise as the best SoS ever, so I'm guessing muffins, at least?

Last, First, MI said...

Howard and Rick Caird,

Could be muffins but I suspect it will be some sort of 2016 replay on the 2008 Democratic primary campaign where it was asked just who should be answering that proverbial 3 AM call:


"Hello. Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line. Press 1 to make a contribution to Hillary For President, 2016."

"For Spanish...."

"If you are calling from an Embassy or consular office, our regular business hours are...."

Of course there is no penalty for lying in Harry Reid's Senate, just a hall pass for the next political campaign you intend to undertake.