Monday, January 28, 2013

Cruising the Web

Since the Republicans took over the legislature in North Carolina in 2010, we've seen a wide expansion of the number of charter schools permitted in the state going from about 100 to 132 next year and with more than 150 having submitted application for opening the following year. The Raleigh News and Observer has an article looking at advantages and disadvantages that this will bring the state. The charters are popular and many, such as the one I teach at, are successful. However, critics worry about draining money, students, and active parents from the regular public schools. But one analyst makes the most sense.
Judith Rizzo, a former teacher and principal who heads the James B. Hunt Jr. Institute of Educational Leadership and Policy, said if removing red tape and rules helps charters, “Why don’t we deregulate a whole bunch of (conventional) schools? If we think those things are in the way, let’s start weeding them out.”
Sounds like common sense, doesn't it? That's why I won't hold my breath for it to happen.

How amusing to hear John Kerry try to explain why Obama's bombing of Libya is so very different from Nixon's bombing of Cambodia.

Phil Mickelson isn't the only athlete fleeing California for states with more tax-friendly states.

Just as France is a salutary example of what we should not be doing fiscally, what they've done with their constant cuts in defense and their weaknesses in fighting terrorists today in Mali should be a lesson to us about cutting defense spending too sharply.

California is supposed to start building its high-speed rail network this summer, but they haven't yet purchased any land on which to build it.

Yup. President Obama has identified the real problem our nation faces - a media that isn't liberal enough.

How quickly it goes out. We already know that the increase in taxes on the rich was used up with giveaways in tax benefits to favored businesses. Now we can also see that it was eaten up by the Sandy relief bill. Except we can only spend that money once.

I was just talking with my AP Government students about the decision to allow women in combat and warned the young ladies that they would eventually end up having to register for the draft. That sure changed their opinions. I don't think we're going to see a reinstated draft in their lifetime, but it has always struck the young men in my classes as terribly unfair that they have to register and the ladies don't.

Yes, Mr. President, someone in the federal government screwed up to result in four Americans being killed in Benghazi. It's just too bad that you've been stonewalling attempts to figure out who exactly did screw up.

North Carolina's new Republican governor may serve as a model for other Republicans.