Friday, January 25, 2013

Cruising the Web

So the FBI is investigating New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez for sleeping with underage Dominican prostitutes at sex parties down in the Dominican Republic. Lovely. Shouldn't the Secret Service be the ones investigating this? They're the ones with this sort of expertise.

Kimberley Strassel explains how the Democrats plan to enact their climate agenda even though they can't get a cap and trade bill through Congress.

Banning plastic grocery bags could be making people very, very sick.

Imagine if the media had reacted to the murder of four Americans as they'd reacted to the prisoner abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib? The difference is startling.

Now that women are allowed in combat, expect a lawsuit requiring all 18-year old women to have to register for the draft. The Supreme Court has upheld the present limitation to just young men having to register because women weren't available for combat roles. Now that that is no longer true, what justification is there for this gender discrimination? Not that I think we have any chance for reinstating the draft, but young women should get used to the idea of having to register.

Ed Morrissey explains why the Senate Democrats are willing now to produce a budget. They don't have to worry about the former chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, Kent Conrad, who might have actually produced a budget without concern for the policy implications. Now Patty Murray is the new chair and she's a safe political hack so Harry Reid doesn't have to worry as much about what she might come up with.

The Education Department now says that schools must provide sports programs for the disabled if those students are not able to compete in the traditional sports programs. And who is going to fund this?

Hillary Clinton: Postmodernist.

Why should anyone be surprised to discover the Obama is a reactionary liberal?

The wealthy have found one quick way to cut their taxes - move to another state. And they're taking the jobs their businesses provide with them.


elkh1 said...

"The wealthy have found one quick way to cut their taxes - move to another state. And they're taking the jobs their businesses provide with them."

International companies will do even better to headquarter their businesses in another country, e.g. Accenture.

The States beat each other up to lower income taxes, good. But they make up their revenues by raising sales taxes, bad.

That means residents of high taxers will have a larger share of Federal taxes from claiming state income tax credits on their Federal 1040, and residents of low taxers lose out for not able to claim credits for their raised sales taxes.

mark said...

How sad that Krauthammer and others are still pretending that climate change is some liberal scam. Surely repubs can find some way to flip on the issue and try to maintain some dignity, like they're doing with immigration.

I can't say it any better than Bobby Jindal:

Repubs have "got to stop being the stupid party."

If he were to peruse some of the moronic comments by some of the right-wing nutjobs here (facists, pedophiles, punching women, etc) he'd probably just give up.

Last, First, MI said...


I thought you liked pedophiles - Robert Menendez, Gary Franks and Roman Polanski for example. We've certainly seen no condemnations of their behavior from you, have we?

Punching women? That's a Clintonian thing, isn't it? (See Juanita Broaddrick and her fat, Bubba-raped lip. [exhibit 1 of the Democratic Party War on Women])

Facists? Let's just have a little bit more of that government directed class conflict, crony reciprocated "green" energy industry, Government Motors state owned enterprise, and authoritarian state controlled health care, shall we?

In the meantime, just leave your antisemitic screeds against Krauthammer to creeps like Hagel, he's made a buck or two off the enterprise while your own efforts are embarrassingly amateurish and amount to nothing more than sad reflections of self-loathing.

equitus said...

mark's premise is, of course, quite wrong. Climate change is not a scam, and I don't know of anyone who would claim that (including Inhofe). Climate is always changing.

What is a scam is the attempt by political groups to throttle our prosperity and freedoms in the bogusidea that we can control the climate based on CO2 regulations. It's about power, not about saving the Earth.

Really, mark. You don't get to make up your own facts.

mark said...

LFM, I assume you're just one of the usual crew posting the same garbage under a new name.

Again, I can't say it any better than Bobby Jindal (and clarify something I wrote above):

Repubs have "got to stop being the stupid party."

If he were to peruse some of the moronic comments by some of the right-wing nutjobs here (making jokes and idiotic comments about facists, pedophiles, anti-semites, punching women, etc) he'd probably just give up.

mark said...

"I don't know of anyone who would claim that (including Inhofe)"

Really, equitus? Nobody has been saying climate change is a hoax? Those words have been said over and over again.

But congrats. I knew repubs would start walking back their nonsense, but I didn't really expect you to understand the need to do that.

Last, First, MI said...


What's up? Didn't get any fresh talking points and now you've taken to quoting yourself? I realize that narcissism is the coin of Obama's realm, but must you wear it on your sleeve?

Why don't you condemn Menendez for having sex with minors? Or is that okay with you because he's a Dem and that's more important than exploiting children. The least you could do would be to send him a strongly worded note about burning all those fossil fuels on that private jet used to wing his way down to the DR. You could use the one you zinged Al Gore with for his jet-setting as a template but you'd have to take the part out where you jammed Al for sexually assaulting the masseuse. Oh wait, you didn't do any of that.

What is it with your infatuation for degenerates?

mark said...

All over the place, LMI. Only thing tying your rant together is the lunacy.
Ironically, I was once criticized here for calling Jerry Sandusky a scumbag pedophile. Some dope claiming to be a military-intelligence expert (he used to come here to share military-intelligence with us; what could be wrong with that?) cautioned me that the Constitution required people to withhold judgment until a verdict was rendered. Perhaps he'll make an appearance and educate you, although I suspect he may be out searching for Osama bin Laden.
So now I get criticized for not calling Menendez a scumbag pedophile. Perfect logic.
Just to put your tiny mind at ease: I think anyone who abuses children physically or sexually, whether a repub, dem, man, woman, priest, talkshow host, etc. is a scumbag deserving the harshest punishment allowed.
So now perhaps you can go back to ranting about fascists trying to take you assault weapons away. Don't forget to forget that Ronald Reagan was in favor of an assault weapons ban. It kinda screws up your argument.

Last, First, MI said...


Who's all over the place? This is about your loyal support for a creepy liberal senator that flew to the Caribbean to have sex with minors and we still have no condemnation of Menendez from you. Instead you start up with your fantasy of confiscating guns! You're a strange one!

At the very least you should be demanding that the sick, perverted Menendez step down while the investigation goes forward. You can say whatever you want about the Penn State pervert - and you did because he wasn't a Democrat sitting in office - but shouldn't you be throwing the same treatment toward the Democrat from New Jersey that you had for the pervert from Penn? Just a hypocrite I guess.

Speaking of hypocrits, in an effort to keep up with your scatter shot response that diverted to guns, Schumer has a concealed carry permit. Feinstein has a carry permit. Both have armed security personnel at their service that utilize high capacity magazines, not to mention weapons that an ordinary American cannot legally purchase. David Gregory carries 30 round magazines in the District of Columbia. Leading someone to coin the phrase, "When David Gregory magazines are outlawed, only David Gregory will have them." The NBC Obama fan boy also sends his kids to a school with a small army of armed security personnel, in addition to Obama's Secret Service detail already there protecting the President's daughters. Yet hypocrites on the left quickly condemn those that would even suggest putting armed security in regular public schools. Are you one of those too?

As long as we're digging up old presidents, did you know that while future masseuse molester and carbon credit fraudster Al Gore was busy being the VP to serial woman abuser, Bill Clinton, that his son went to the same school as Chelsea? That's right, Sidwell Friends. It's where all the well to do in the District send their kids because they care for their futures and immediate safety, yet the current resident in the White House has chosen to support the unions and blocked DC residents from obtaining vouchers they need to get better schooling for their kids.

Tell us why liberal elitists think regular people, yes, even the black ones, would be satisfied to have no way to legally defend themselves with the same weapons the DC Metropolitan Police provide its officers or would not want to have access to better schools rather than stronger teachers unions?

mark said...

Congrats, LFM. You've reached a new level of crazy. I suspect even the usual nutjobs here are scratching their pointy heads.
Try to relax and enjoy the weekend. On Monday, you might consult your doctor for an adjustment on your meds.

Last, First, MI said...

Aren't you THE usual nutjob here?

equitus said...

Good, mark. When cornered and your positions are revealed for the folly they are, start calling people names.

Never fails.

equitus said...

By the way, mark, your pal Sen. Menendez was on ABC This Week yesterday. For the entire segment, the interviewer did not ONCE ask your fellow DEMOCRAT about the allegations.

Why haven't you yet denounced This Week for ignoring the scandal? Don't bother asking - we know you really are fine with such behavior if a Democrat is involved. Your desperate avoidance is shameful.