Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cruising the Web

Oh dear. How does George Stephanopoulos mix up Morgan Freeman and Bill Russell? Jon Stewart has some fun with that.

As Benjamin Netanyahu cruises to reelection today, don't forget that it is not only his stand on defense that will give him victory, but also his success in leading Israel's economy. And that success is due to Netanyahu's success in shedding Israel's old socialist model.

Here's some good news: email spam is at a five-year low. Our email systems are just getting better at protection against such spam.

Even Bill Keller of the NYT thinks it is silly to argue that Chuck Hagel's Vietnam war experience makes him qualified to be Secretary of Defense.

Joe Biden might want to study how poor a springboard to the top job, the office of vice president actually is.

Jonah Goldberg has some words for people who claim that they are fiscally conservative, but socially liberal so they can't vote for Republicans. You know, the Colin Powell kind of Republican.

Communications professors grade the President's inaugural address.

Don't worry about default on the nation's debt.

Noemie Emery explains how racial gerrymandering has indeed resulted in more minorities being elected to Congress, but those are more extreme members of the Democratic Party since they don't need to do much to appeal to white voters. They just have to appeal to districts specially designed to contain minority voters. However, when Republican minorities win office, they win in districts that haven't been racially gerrymandered or they win by appealing to an entire state. That explains why the Republicans might have fewer minorities in Congress, but they also have more rising minority stars. So we have this weird situation with Republicans able to elect minority candidates but still not doing a good job at appealing to minority voters. Democrats can get those voters, but other than Barack Obama, don't have minority stars in waiting.