Monday, January 21, 2013

Cruising the Web

Here's a scary thought - what if the so-called Arab Spring comes to Saudi Arabia and it turns into another fundamentalist state supporting terrorism such as we're beginning to see in Egypt and Turkey. All the more reason to support measures such as fracking and the XL pipeline.

Isn't it convenient that the corporate donors bankrolling Obama's inaugural also have benefited from Obama policies? Nice for things to work out that way. I'm sure the media will be screaming about this as they would have if it had been a Republican.

William Bratton has some clear ideas on how the police can lower crime. Chicago should be listening.

Maybe the reason why the "art of the deal" eludes Obama is because he doesn't care about making a deal. Have we seen any indication ever that he wishes to achieve a legitimate compromise with Republicans? It's ironic that the guy who won office bragging about how willing he was to sit down with some the world's worse actors, is less than interested when it comes to his opponents within this country?

Obama is trying to avoid the second-term curse that seems to strike the second terms of all presidents. It's so common that it was the subject of an Advanced Placement question on the American history exam a few years ago. Even George Washington couldn't avoid the curse. And he shouldn't be depending on Obamacare for cementing a legacy of presidential greatness. If anything, everything is turning out with Obamacare just as its critics predicted.

Of course. The only reason why a Democrat would be willing to pass a budget in the Senate is in order to raise taxes.

Is anyone surprised to hear that the White House press corps swoons over a little face time with Obama?

Ruth W. Wisse explains what is so worrisome about Chuck Hagel's comment about "the Jewish lobby" intimidating Washington politicians. He just doesn't understand the reasons why Israel needs such a strong defense and support from the U.S. And he doesn't understand how Palestinian anti-Israel violence is ultimately hurting the Palestinians the most.
Chuck Hagel does not have to like Jews, but if he expects to defend the United States, he needs to understand the nature and scope of the war against Israel, including its corrupting effect on Arab societies. The alignment between Israel and America is dictated by those who burn the flags of both countries on the same pyre. By contrast, those who lobby for Israel's protection axiomatically have America's back.

According to some web site I've never heard of, these are ten words we should use more in 2013. Writing about politics, I'm sure that I'll have reason to write about the fantods that the nattering, persiflage and buncombe in Washington bring about.