Friday, January 18, 2013

Cruising the Web

Look for an important ruling from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on Obama's recess appointment to the NLRB. This could be crucial for a number of reasons. If they rule that the nomination was unconstitutional then a whole set of pro-labor rulings from the NLRB while his recess appointments were on the board will be struck down. And he'd be limited in other recess appointments he might be planning to make while the Senate is not in recess, as he did last term, if his nominations get held up during his second term.

Perhaps Obama should turn his attention to all the fatherless children out there and what that means for the children, particularly the sons, growing up in that environment.

The infantilization of policy advocacy continues as the White House posts videos of children asking for gun control legislation. How about videos of children asking not be left the onerous debt that Obama keeps piling up?

In fact, if Obama was truly concerned about people being murdered, he'd go to Chicago and talk about the homicide rate there. Little that he proposed this week would do anything to address that crisis.

How dumb is Andrew Cuomo? He rushed through tough new gun laws in New York, but he and the NY legislature somehow forgot to exempt law enforcement.

John Lott clears up some myths about assault weapons and crime. Politicians like Diane Feinstein and Barack Obama are either quite ignorant about what they want to legislate against or they're willfully trying to deceive the public. Take your pick.

Hmm. How come the White House won't even announce how much they want the debt ceiling raised?

Charles Krauthammer has some tactical advice for the House GOP. They won't be able to govern from the House so they should look for small moves that they can make.

The events in Mali this week are another message to us to keep on fracking.