Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cruising the Web

Here's an interesting article about the anachronistic language used in the movie Lincoln.

Sadly, colleges and universities are teaching a sadly diminished version of American history.

The media really do love trotting out fake Republicans to bash other Republicans. Otherwise, who cares what Colin Powell has to say about Republicans? Its certainly different from how they treated Zell Miller in 2004.

So what if Colin Powell has a double standard when it comes to someone using a phrase that another group regards as bigoted? What do standards matter when he can come out and criticize Republicans?

So has Assad already crossed Obama's "red line?"

Holman Jenkiins explains about the Baptists and Bootleggers' actions in the solar-power industry.

Big surprise: Obama prefers short-time political gain over the long-term fate of the country.

Philip Klein reminds us that the only times that President Obama has agreed to cut any spending at all was when he was forced to by the House Republicans despite his phony claims to have already cut spending.

Of course, this is a president not known, as Michael Barone reminds us, for negotiation and compromises.

President Obama earns the rarely awarded upside-down Pinocchio for a major-league flip-flop.