Friday, January 04, 2013

Cruising the web

Sorry for the light posting. I've been having a very relaxing winter break. Plus the news has just been so irritating recently. I'll try to get more back into the swing of things now as it draws to a close.

It sure doesn't sound as if the economy is going to be Obama's main concern any time soon.

They hypocrisy of New York and New Jersey politicians blasting Boehner for not bringing up the pork-laden bill that was supposed to be for emergency relief for areas hit by Hurricane Sandy is beyond ridiculous. I got emails all day long from Chris Christie's PR people who wanted to be sure that word got out about him criticizing Republicans for not passing the bill despite the fact that they had well-reasoned criticisms of stuffing the bill with five times as much pork as money for Sandy victims. And now the House, right on schedule, has passed a pared-down bill with money targeted just for aid to victims of Sandy. So instead of spending $60 billion, they spent $9.7 billion. The pork can wait. And the political grandstanding can grind to a halt. I know that Christie is up for reelection, but does he have to be so unnecessarily obvious about trying to score political points off of criticizing Republicans?

Rather clever of Al Gore to gain $100 million for himself while he sells out his loser TV network to Al Jazeera and then forces cable companies to accept the new Al Jazeera-owned network on their cable stations. And he gets to do it by selling out to a company built on oil money.

James Taranto notes the hypocrisy of liberals who just love talking about diversity, but then classify black conservatives like Tim Scott as tokens.

I hope everyone enjoyed the drama of the fiscal cliff negotiations. That's going to be the new normal in Washington. We have several more of such moments coming up. Wouldn't it be better to craft a plan to avoid such fiscal cliffs in the first place? But no. That would take political courage on both sides of the aisle. And when has this administration had any plan to address our fiscal situation except raising taxes? And then raising them more? As Charles Krauthammer says, the old Obama is back. And that Obama is interested only in raising taxes.

Obama's false modesty about comparing himself to Lincoln doesn't pass the smell test.

It's not often that a squash becomes a historic relic, but this one holds royal DNA.