Thursday, December 06, 2012

Cruising the Web

Just what you suspected - they're just making up new taxes for Obamacare.

Of course, the media are just ignoring the multi-millionaires funding Democrats while they wring their hands over the Koch brothers.

It's not a myth: public sector employees work shorter hours than those in the public sector.

Oklahoma poses another constitutional challenge to Obamacare. And David B. Rivkin and Lee Casey point out how Justice Roberts' decision to make the case that, by determining that the individual mandate is really a tax, he's opened up Obamacare to another constitutional challenge that taxes should be uniform throughout the states.

How appropriate that Obama would invite Al Sharpton in for a consultation at the White House given Sharpton's calls for taxing the rich even though Sharpton himself earns a lot of money yet is facing a dozen IRS liens against his groups and him personally. Taxes for others, but Al doesn't have to pay up.

Hmmmm. And why won't Harry Reid allow a vote on Obama's proposal for avoiding the fiscal cliff?

Another blue state state is fighting back against the public employees' union.

George Will argues that the public is being "bewitched" by rhetoric on the fiscal cliff, but what we should really notice is that going over the fiscal cliff is exactly progressivism's agenda. No wonder Obama won't negotiate to avoid it.

James Taranto notices that claims of voter suppression against minorities have been debunked by black activists' own claims.

Human Rights Watch is happy to condemn Israel, but it makes legal quibbles about condemning Iranian calls for the extermination of Israel as genocide.

In memory of Dave Brubeck, here is a story of how Brubeck fought for integration and refused to give in to demands that he drop black musicians from his band.