Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Cruising the Web

A nice suggestion, but it will never happen - have the negotiations over avoiding the fiscal cliff conducted in public over C-Span.

Paul Mirengoff reminds us of how, from early on, Eric Holder has undermined "faith simultaneously in law enforcement and national security."

Here is a pretty devastating description of Susan Rice by someone who is sympathetic to the administration's policies. "Susan Rice’s story includes several significant achievements. But, from Khartoum to Benghazi, it has been more one of knowing than asking." Come to think of it, might that not also apply to Barack Obama's approach to domestic policy?

Jonah Goldberg makes the case for deregulating taxi cabs and allowing innovative methods such as Uber, which allows people to call for a taxi through an app on their smart phone, to bring more competition and better service to customers. Imagine that. But politicians, who are in the pockets of the taxi cab companies want to shut down competition.

The GAO is warning us once again that we need to take "significant actions" to cut mandatory spending. Of course, the Democrats prefer to keep kicking that massive can down the road.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals is hearing a case today that could put an end to Obama's questionable tactic of making recess appointments when the Senate isn't in recess. Just another example of how liberals like the imperial presidency when their party is in the White House.

Typical. In building the federal exchanges for Obamacare, HHS has given the contract for building and regulating those exchanges to a company that will then be bidding for business.

The new Egyptian constitution has dropped its previous ban on slavery. The Obama administration is silent.

Rich Lowry makes the case that the real questions we should be asking about Jovan Belcher's murder-suicide are not about gun ownership, but about what the playing professional football may do to players' brains. But that isn't a discussion that many American fans of the sport want to have.