Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cruising the Web

Amity Shlaes explains how public-sector unions divide workers into two groups: those older workers who got sweet deals and those newer workers who got lesser deals once governments woke up to how they were bankrupting their citizens.

Social Security ran close to $50 billion in deficit in 2012. But some politicians like Dick Durbin want to claim that there is no crisis. Instead he wants yet another blue-ribbon commission to study the question. How many commissions have we had already on entitlements?

What kind of naivete must a CEO have to imagine that politicians who haven't been able to "come together" to prevent us going over the fiscal cliff would suddenly smack their heads and decide to compromise once they see the "come together" message on their Starbuck's cup? Do Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and John Boehner even get their coffee from Starbucks?

Daniel Henninger rightly notes that we have come to see more and more examples of government policy being inadequate to accomplish the goals such policies are supposedly designed to accomplish. Of course, for those who always see government as the correct solution to any policy question, the only answer to such inadequacies is even more government.

Mickey Kaus has some fun ridiculing Politico's seeming inability to detect BS when it comes from the Democrats.

Journalists who used to pride themselves on their ability to be neutral in any kind of story sure seem eager to take sides when the issue is gun control. I still remember Peter Jennings and Mike Wallace stating how they wouldn't warn American troops of a surprise enemy attack because reporters shouldn't involve themselves in a story. That was a despicable attitude then. But now reporters don't even pretend that they don't have an agenda.