Monday, December 24, 2012

Cruising the Web

I'd like to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas. May you have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family.

This is an inspiring story of a real-life NFL player who retired and is now inspiring students at his old high school to study math and improve their grades. It reads like a made-for-TV movie, but is so much more moving because it's true life.

Home air conditioning has been saving lives.

This new movie about FDR spending a weekend in 1939 with the King and Queen of England sounds absolutely terrible. Do we really need to have FDR portrayed as an immoral cad who took time off from talking about the advent of war in Europe to manipulate a woman into servicing him sexually. There is no historical evidence to back up such a story, but somehow these moviemakers thought it was just fine to make up such a Clintonian storyline.

Even supporters of Barack Obama are starting to notice his solipsism. He can't even eulogize Senator Daniel Inouye without turning it into a speech all about himself.

Here in North Carolina, much of the talk is over the academic scandal engulfing UNC Chapel Hill. But it basically comes down to this - if they're going to admit student-athletes who aren't capable of doing college-level work, then ultimately they're going to end up cutting a lot of corners to make them look like they're still eligible to play. And it's no defense to say that not all the students taking these bogus classes and having their grades changed were athletes so the NCAA shouldn't care. This first supposedly neutral report from former Governor Martin is totally insufficient and seems to have been grossly negligent in its scope. It's a scandal for this to have gone on so long at the university. And if the NCAA doesn't care about this sort of scandal, then what good are they?

Let's not forget how John Kerry has time and again supported the bad guys in Latin America.

I agree with Philip Klein - why would anyone want John Boehner's job? But then people always seem to emerge who want to grab the reins of power even if there isn't all that much power involved.

Ed Morrissey explains how the federal government drives income inequality.

How scummy is it that the head of the Chicago Teachers Union would take the occasion of the massacre in Newtown to claim that Teach for America support policies that "kill and disenfranchise children from schools across this nation"? There has been some low politicking using this tragedy, but his has to be one of the lowest attempts out there.

Barry Rubin explains why it's just a myth to think that Obama has gotten any more favorable towards Israel.