Friday, December 21, 2012

Cruising the Web

Jeffrey Rosen, who opposed the Robert Bork nomination to the Supreme Court, writes that we are still paying for the Borking of that nomination.

Now Obama is using the massacre in Newtown as a reason to support him on climate change. It's always all about him.

Apparently, Obama is following the playbook of what Bill Clinton did after the Oklahama City bombing to increase his power dealing with congressional Republicans.

Jonah Goldberg is eloquently correct when he argues that the last thing we should be doing after such a horror a the Newtown massacre is pivoting immediately to policy debates.

And Jeff Jacoby is absolutely correct that there are no laws which will abolish all evil.

So why is the head of the EPA using a secret email account for official business? There can't be any legitimate reason to break federal law that way.

Mark Hemingway refutes the statistical ignorance of Mother Jones in arguing that there has never been a mass killing stopped by a civilian using a gun.

Congratulations to Jake Tapper who is leaving ABC News to be an anchor at CNN. That's a big loss for ABC, a gain for CNN, and a relief for the White House where he'll no longer be asking the spokesmen and President the toughest questions.

It's a horror to read about the Americans who have been marooned in Mexican prisons. Why hasn't our government done anything about this? And why would any American travel to Mexico?

We have seen the passing of the "greatest conservative generation."

Dostoevsky predicted a great deal correctly about the 20th century.