Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cruising the Web

Don't believe the phony claims of federalism for the state exchanges on Obamacare.

Shouldn't we want teachers who can pass a basic test written on the high school level? Apparently not if black and Hispanic teachers fail the test at a higher rate than white teachers do.

I'm still so struck by the thought that South Carolina will have a black Republican as a senator for the seat that Strom Thurmond held. What an amazing development in history. Yet, of course, there are those who rush to the web to term Tim Scott a "token black" and "house negro." Charming.

Mickey Kaus asks if Wagner Act unionism is really a good thing today.
Recent experience–e.g. in the auto industry, where two of the three big unionized firms went broke and required baiouts, while non-union firms are thriving–makes it especially hard to argue that the Wagner Act still contributes to the material well-being of the vast mass of Americans. Is there a Democrat who argues with a straight face that unionization makes firms more competititve? Who points to highly efficient unionized firms that are beating non-union rivals? Union defenders used to make those arguments. You don’t see them much anymore.
The GOP is seeking to use their control of the governorship and legislatures in states that voted for Obama by getting rid of the winner-take-all allocation of Electoral College votes.

In Spain, just because you have a job and go to work doesn't mean that you'll get a paycheck.

If Chuck Hagel is the new nominee to be Secretary of Defense, we will be getting a new member of the Cabinet who has a history of saying very critical things about Israel and the supposed "Jewish lobby."