Friday, December 14, 2012

Cruising the Web

Amazing how a liberal like Harry Belafonte is happy to throw out the rule of law when it comes to those he dislikes politically. I guess it's all that hanging out with dictators that warps his sense of how our system works.

In never letting a crisis go to waste, the Obama administration wants to stuff a supposed emergency aid package for victims of Sandy full of all sorts of unrelated pork spending. And if anyone protests, they'll be painted as unwilling to help those devastated by the storm. Yet Obama will continue to pretend that he's all about cutting back on our deficit. And as Mary Katharine Ham points out, not much of the proposed bill is for spending this year. So there would be no harm in delaying its passage while Congress examines exactly what's in the $60 billion bill.

Here are five businesses who say they'll be hurt by raising taxes on the top 2%. And when their businesses are hurt, it won't be the CEOs who lose money, but the people whose jobs are cut because of the tax increases.

Rich Lowry describes how thuggery is just fine when it's a liberal group who is doing the violence. The difference between how the Tea Party rallies were portrayed and how the reaction of union supporters to Michigan's right-to-work law was covered by the MSM.

And let's put an end to the "free rider" issue when it comes to right-to-work laws. That's just a phony myth. Unions are free to negotiate contracts that would apply only to their members.

For all the blame that the GOP is getting for Susan Rice having to bow out from being nominated as Secretary of State, a lot of the attacks on her have been coming from the left. And when you read about the mess she made of our policies toward Africa when she was in the Clinton administration, it makes one wonder what there is about her views on foreign policy that Obama likes so much.

Oh my. Even the NYT admits that the Democrats position on the expiring tax cuts is not at all about the economics but the illusion of "fairness" and wouldn't do anything at all to match the spending increases that Obama wants or the entitlement spending that Democrats want to preserve.

Charles Krauthammer notes the irony in the Democrats' position on right-to-work laws.
A free country should allow its workers to choose whether to join a union. Moreover, it is more than slightly ironic that Democrats, the fiercely pro-choice party, reserve free choice for aborting a fetus while denying it for such matters as choosing your child’s school or joining a union.
And he points out how the real choice is between slightly lower wages or slightly lower unemployment rates.

And the Washington Post editorializes today against the Democrats' lack of "balance" on entitlement reform.

And while the Democrats trumpet Clinton-era tax rates, how about returning to that era's spending levels while we're at it.

Matthew Continetti has some fun with the endless media kissing-up to Hillary. I still am waiting for someone to explain what she did that was so wonderful as Secretary of State.

Perhaps those disgruntled union workers might be interested in how much money their union bosses are pulling down. Amazing how people might not want to pay dues to prop up those fat cats.

Obama's policies would have the entire country eventually looking like Detroit.

Get ready for the higher insurance bills, higher taxes, loss of health insurance from your employer, and lots of new regulations now that Obamacare will be kicking in.

Now this is the sort of trash talk among athletes that I can get behind. I propose that Jeopardy host an all athlete celebrity tournament and see if these guys can put their buzzer fingers where their mouths are. And if Alex Trebek can't oblige, my quiz bowl team would be happy to host an all-ACC quiz bowl tournament for them. My money is on Battier.