Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cruising the Web

Ah, coming of age in Obama's America. I just gave a test on federalism with a question from a previous Advanced Placement test that asked "What does the Necessary and Proper Clause say and how has it been used to expand federal power?" Over half the students wrote that the Necessary and Proper Clause says that the federal government can do anything it wants. I think the whole point about having a limited government passed them by. But, on the bright side, they're ready to serve in the Obama administration.

Peter Berkowitz counsels conservatives how to survive in a progressive age.

Just who are the fat cats that Obama talks about who aren't "paying their fair share"?

Why shouldn't Michigan workers have the liberty of making a choice about whether or not to join a union? Apparently, Democrats are against freedom of choice. And the only way they can try to sell their position is to lie about what right-to-work laws do.

As Walter Russell Mead writes, it is one more sign of the unraveling of the Blue Model.

I just don't understand how some teachers think. I think we know everything about how much teachers unions care about students when they encourage their members to call in sick so they can go protest at the Michigan state capitol. Some school systems even have to shut down because so many teachers skipped work. That's really going to win over those students' parents who have to rush around to find child care on short notice. Maybe the true lesson of the day will be when they witness the thuggery of union workers who think that violence and crudity are the way to fight what a democratically elected legislature and governor do.

How California had a bidding war for state psychiatrists.

We just live in amazing times. Michigan is now a right-to-work state and there is talk of Nikki Haley appointing Tim Scott to be a black Republican senator from South Carolina. Just think about how unbelievable each of those events would have been 50 years ago.

So does anyone believe this?

George Will writes that the debate over the fiscal cliff is really a debate about the size and scope of government. It's a debate that is worth having, but we don't seem to be hearing much about that important question.