Monday, December 10, 2012

Cruising the Web

Sadly, I agree with Newt Gingrich here.

universities are using data-mining to get around bans on using affirmative action to admit students. Unfortunately, the results can be just as damaging to those underqualified minorities admitted through data-mining as those admitted through affirmative action. And the colleges are also using such techniques to recommend to students which classes they should take and what they should major in.

Victims of Sandy are still waiting for the government to fulfill its promises. And the red tape is still there.

The teacher unions' newest fable is an animated lie about how everything went bad in California once they began to lower tax rates and that everything would get better if they'd just tax the rich more. Is the left really yearning for the economy of the Carter years?

The Washington Post might be all for raising taxes on dividends and supporting Obama, but when it comes to their investors, they're giving out their dividends before the end of the year to avoid tax increases.

Even the New York Times is acknowledging that Obama's plans to raise tax rates on the very rich would garner just about a quarter of the money that Obama says he wants to raise. It's math, Mr. President.

Does anyone swallow Obama's lies any more about how he's all for spending cuts, tough decisions,and bipartisanship?

Susan Rice seems to have a disturbing tendency to express sympathy with and friendship for Africa's despots.

So is the solution to having tax rates go up on everyone if we go over the cliff for the Treasury Secretary to just alter the withholding tables that employers depend on to figure out how much in taxes to take out of people's paychecks? If it is thought that the administration could do this even on a temporary level, why does the administration pretend to even bother with negotiating with Congress?

William Bennett discusses the "looming crisis of student loan debt." And, of course, the federal government is making the bubble even worse.

Oh, the pressure of being a parent in New York City. You have to worry about the etiquette and expense of teacher gifts. Here in North Carolina, we're still impressed and happy with a few home-baked cookies.