Wednesday, November 07, 2012

No hope and no change

Well, this is certainly depressing. The pollsters were right and I guess Republicans have to learn that there is no silent majority out there that the polls are missing.

A citizenry that says it's tired of the status quo of gridlock and thinks the country is heading in the wrong direction just voted for more gridlock and more of the same policies that have been holding our economy back. There is no hope of any real tackling of the monumental fiscal problems facing our country.

Recriminations can wait. Romney wasn't the ideal candidate but I grew to like him more as the campaign wore on. Sadly, I don't think there was anyone else this year in the GOP nomination race who would have come close. We need a better set of candidates.

We can talk about how the media has run blocking charges for Obama since he first appeared on the scene or the effects of the hurricane or the deceptive dip below 8% in the unemployment rate, but I'm too tired to do that now.

Personally, now that the election is over, I look forward to spending less time endlessly poring over election predictions and more time watching basketball, which I haven't had time to do since the season started, and reading outside non-political materials that I've been saving up. And, while I'm not looking forward to it that much, grading papers and tests for the students who are my real job.

We got through the Clinton years and the first four years of Obama, we can get through the next four.