Thursday, November 01, 2012

Tails Obama wins, Heads Romney loses

I just don't get the liberals slamming Romney for asking for donations for hurricane victims. MSNBC spent a day criticizing Romney collecting canned food and donations from people who came out to see him on Tuesday. And now we get this.
Mitt Romney should have donated $10 million to the Red Cross instead of 'taking advantage of a tragedy', the Ohio Democratic Party chairman has said.

'I think Governor Romney ought to be focused on things he could do and say on behalf of the victims, rather than going to Dayton Ohio - the most important swing state in the country - and taking advantage of a tragedy,' said Chris Redfern according to the Washington Post.

'Look, I’m a partisan. I’ll let others judge this. But I think someone of Governor Romney’s wealth could have just written a check for $10 million to the American Red Cross and then spent today with his family. He chose to do something much different. He chose to politicise this.'
And can you imagine how the Democrats would have excoriated him for politicizing the disaster if he'd written that $10 million check? Clearly, there was nothing that Romney could have done that wouldn't have been criticized.

So who is it really who politicizes a disaster and looks for a way to use other people's suffering to try to score a political point?