Monday, November 05, 2012

Cruising the web

Time to remember, remember the 5th of November.

Given that Guy Fawkes was part of a Catholic conspiracy against Protestants, here is an interesting observation that occurred to me if Romney should win and the Democrats maintain control of the Senate: in that scenario, there would be no Protestants at the top levels of any of our three branches of government. Romney and Reid are Mormons; Ryan, Boehner, and Durbin (Majority Whip) are Catholics, and Eric Cantor, the Majority Leader of the House is Jewish. And the Supreme Court has three Jews and six Catholics. Think about that in the context of the history of prejudice against Catholics, Mormons, and Jews in our nation's history. Having just talked about nativism in 19th century U.S. history, I find this factoid simply amazing - in some ways, just as eye-opening as the first African-American president.

As Republicans and Democrats go back and forth arguing what the polls mean, Dustin Hawkins explains the "Margin of Wrongness" to examine how far off polls can be. Meanwhile, Major Garrett summarizes the debates that partisans are having as they try to predict what will happen tomorrow.

Robert Costa examines Romey's chances in Pennsylvania.

Mickey Kaus argues that a vote for Obama is a vote for more gridlock.

Salena Zito explains how the Democrats have ignored Main Street. And they don't even seem to recognize this reality, much less care.

My students often ask about how we came to have red and blue to characterize the Republicans and Democrats on the map. Those who are my age remember that it wasn't always that way. Here is a history of the map coloring.

Here's a fun graphic you can use to find 512 paths to the White House. Note that it doesn't even have Pennsylvania as one of the options.

I'm so pumped for the Lincoln movie that comes out in a couple of weeks. Here is a story about the making of the movie and the decision to focus on the 13th Amendment, which isn't the usual focus of studies of Lincoln.

Examining the timeline of what Obama said and didn't say about the attack in Benghazi. It raises questions about both Obama and 60 Minutes.

Here is a great example of lawsuits run amok. The estate of William Faulkner is suing Sony Pictures because a Woody Allen movie quoted Faulkner and gave him credit.