Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cruising the Web

Maybe all the election means is that the more gifted politician will win.

The real reason why unions are targeting Wal-Mart is because they need new members to pay dues to cover the existing members' pension fund.

It's totally rational for states not to set up their own Obamacare exchanges.

Glenn Reynolds ponders if the U.S. has become our own version of The Hunger Games with the capital growing fat while the provinces starve.

The administration's story on why they misled the American people about Benghazi still doesn't bear up.

So Britain just raised taxes on millionaires and surprise, surprise...millionaires are fleeing the country. Britain is actually losing money on the new tax because of the lost revenue from the millionaires who have left the country entirely. Perhaps California should take note.

Thomas Sowell makes a similar point in looking at the Kennedy/Johnson tax cut and how the parties have switched position on lowering the top tax rates.

Our national solons should start worrying about the country's stalled economic growth.
At any rate, we seem to have difficulty in learning the lessons of entrenching bureaucracies, even when they’re so obvious that the first impulse of a bureaucracy-expanding politician like Obama is to promise that he won’t let it get in the way of serving the needs of the people … which is always the rationalization for politicians like Obama to create and expand bureaucracies in the first place. And if you think FEMA’s response was bad, wait until we all see what the ObamaCare bureaucracy will do with health insurance when it’s fully implemented.

Guess what? Obama's promise to cut the red tape to help those hit by Sandy has not been borne out. Red tape is just too powerful that even a president's promise can't cut it. As Ed Morrissey writes,

Is Hillary Clinton as our 45th president inevitable?

Instapundit linked to this fascinating saga of how one man's algorithm to unlock ciphers unlocked a mysterious document from an 18th century secret society.